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How We Can Help

Make Today Your Payday

What is a
Payday Loan?

A payday loan (also known as a payday advance, cash advance, payroll advance, post-dated check loan, etc) can provide a sensible alternative where bounced checks, overdraft fees, late payment charges, and tarnished credit ratings are more costly. USA Cash Services offers payday loans tailored to each individual’s needs:

  • When an unexpected bill comes up
  • During an emergency
  • When you need to protect your credit
  • When you need peace of mind
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Why Choose Us

USA Cash Services believes that our most valuable asset is you, the customer.
Therefore, our number one priority is customer service.

Fast Payday Loans Western USA


As a first time customer you can have your funds direct-deposited to your checking account and available for use by the next business day.

Easy Payday Loans Western USA


Apply for a Cash Advance or a Payday Loan with USA Cash Services if you live in California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, or Wyoming.

Safe Payday Loans Western USA


USA Cash Services is licensed in every state in which we do business. We value your privacy and don’t sell your information. Quality Services Since 1995.

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We offer a variety of services to fit your needs.


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UT, NV – Reno and surrounding areas

CA – Sacramento area

AZ – Phoenix WY – Evanston & Rock Springs

WI – Superior & MN – Duluth (near the border)